Testimony of others

Testimony of
Fr Bold

The first group that Satoko had to overcome was the Family group and this group was not in favour of her decision. It is very difficult in Japan to be independent from family or the community group.

Testimony of
Fr Mathaix

The Japanese population is rather a collective people that work as a group and thus it is difficult for the Japanese to leave the group and have personal action in this sense. It is truly difficult for the Japanese to become Catholics because they are deep rooted in the family and you desire to become a catholic you get no help from the family nor the society.

Testimony from Sr Angeles

I do not know when she decided to give her life for Arinomachi (Ants Town), but I do know that she wrote in her album, “As Christ came from Heaven, to die for us, this I am doing also. Her life was an imitation of Christ

Testimony of
Fr Vallade

For Satoko, the essential thing was to penetrate the environment of the poor, virtually impenetrable for the rich and well to do, to penetrate the world of the poor - the sub-proletariat.
Kitahara’s strict attitudes towards religion (Buddhist, Shintoism) made it extremely hard for conversion. Those who wished to become Catholics must make a personal decision, cutting decisively with all the religious strings of past traditions. And Kitahara took this step, this personal decision
These people were on the fringe of society. She was the envoy of the poor and had to remain among the poor. This was the testimony she carried

The collective aspect also comes up in the Catholic Church. This is why it’s important that when a Japanese becomes a catholic he needs to find himself in a community that is quick to receive him in the church.