Personal Life

In the immediate aftermath of the War, people discovered the extent of their nation's War crimes. The ideals of Japan had been betrayed by the Militarist government, national ideals were torn apart and society's reverence destroyed. The Country's morale was very low, and many thought life was pointless.
However, Satoko was not about to let herself fall into despair and disillusionment. Having recovered from her wartime illness, she rejected pessimism and went in search of other pursuits. She enrolled in University and finally graduated as a Pharmacist.


Along with her friends, Satoko was shocked by crimes and atrocities committed by the Japanese Military. The War Crimes Tribunal revealed offences ranking with the greatest crimes of history. Disenchantment within the Japanese people was so great that life for many became pointless and the suicide rate increased. Many became disillusioned and wondered about the future. Old Japanese traditions and beliefs began to die.